Timeline 60s

1968-----2013 Soft Living Room
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Maria van Elk:
drawing 1973-1980

contributions by:
Coosje van Bruggen -
drawing 1973-1980
Tineke Reijnders - The alarm clock and the charcoal, or ...
Antje von Graevenitz - Choices in watching
Henk Peeters -
Sometimes I don't see anything
browse book drawing 1973-1980

1974 Two straight lines of which one is always crooked

1980 Too Much Pressure

1984 Taste of Colours for Daily Life
Touching Colours

1985 From Source To Use
Coosje van Bruggen

1985 Scale 1 : 1
text: Iris Dik
Woodprints (1985)
Oil-paint drawings (1986)

1986 Geometric Folds
text: Rudi Fuchs
De Groene Amsterdammer 2020

1986 A short trip along drawings
Never before published article of Tineke Reijnders for the Dutch opinion magazine De Groene 1986

1986 Cross-cut wood ‒ Length-cut wood

1986 Lose One's Balance

1985-87 "Colors of Light" on the floor in the AZU
text: Jetteke Bolten & Maria van Elk

browse book Floors AZU

One line marks the night

1995 Folded Floors
Bert Jansen (FD)

Music D. Apol

Study Group Mixed Media
AKI Enschede 1974-2002

Tineke Reijnders interviews Maria Van Elk about Classroom 55 of the AKI, Enschede (NL)